Display Cabinets for Jewellery and Precious Items

The art of displaying jewellery in a store goes beyond the aesthetic value of the actions. It's no brainer that how your jewellery is displayed has a great impact on the amount of traffic generated and therefore the amount of sales. This is why great effort goes into the choice of display cabinets and stands. 

Different types of jewellery display cabinets and stands

These are mostly classified based on the materials used to make them. With this regard, there are wooden, plastic, glass and acrylic cabinets and shelves. They can also be classified based on their shape and size. Other characters including shelves that can be removed, adjusted or even rotated, stands for specific use such as bracelet stands and the design of the cabinets or shelves.

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Choice of cabinets and stands


It is very easy for people to steal jewellery given their size and shape. Some items can easily fit into a purse or pocket. As such, it is paramount to put in place excellent security features. This could include the use of lockable shelves and cabinets. Modern security features such as alarms could be used with the locking system to notify you as soon as any of the cabinets or shelves are compromised. The alarms could be loud or silent depending on your needs.


In some shops, there is limited space and this calls for space saving shelves. This could be in the form of removable shelves, adjustable shelves and drawers. Or shelves that can be collapsed into smaller units that can be stored efficiently in small spaces within the shop. Remember that the display should mostly be at eye level and therefore you may not be able to utilise all the space in the shop. However, you can creatively come up with ways to improve this such as the use of steps and stairs.


As a jeweller, you have your own ideas of how you would like you shop to look like. You may not have documented your preferences but sometimes, looking at a cabinet or shelf, it is easy to tell that it won't work for you. You may hire a designer to help you in bringing your visual designs to life before you go shopping for display shelves and cabinets. Remember that some providers can customise their current shelves and cabinets to meet your needs.

Quality and durability

High quality pieces tend to be durable. Ensure that the materials used to make the shelves and cabinets are of high quality. The glass should be thick enough and should be able to withstand forceful actions. If you do not get ready made displays from quality materials within your area, you can easily pick out the materials and request for new display units to be made for you.