A Testimonial

We were so thankful to have our monthly services with Sheriff’s Local Business. They made it so easy to find a plumber that could help us in our time of need. After returning home from a 3 day extended getaway, we found that our home was totally flooded. We noticed that our pipes in our kitchen had burst and water was everywhere. First, we called our Insurance company. Next, we called Sheriff’s Local Business. Sheriff’s was able to walk us through a step by step process to find the best plumber in the area. We looked up this company on their website. We were very impressed from the beginning. We then called them to come out to our house to begin fixing the emergency that we had with our plumbing. They arrived as quickly as possible. They began the process at that moment of fixing our burst pipe to get it to the point where the water was no longer running into our house. Following this they fixed the burst pipe. They were very fast and because of connections to Sheriff’s, there prices were half off of what it would cost to get another plumber out to do the work. We would just like to thank Sheriff’s Local Business for all that they do to help. We were so impressed by what they could do for us. We are definitely happy with our monthly subscription because you just do not know what is going to happen.

Bringing Value to Our Clients

Many businesses can focus simply on the bottom line of making a lot of money. At Sheriff’s Local Business we strive to bring value to our customers. We believe this to be the cornerstone of who we are as a business. Therefore, our first goal with all of our clients is to focus on bringing them the best service. Instead of asking first, how are we going to make a lot of money on this? We choose to ask, will this bring the most value to our clients? Due to this we like to partner with local businesses so that we can give our clients the personal edge. The companies we partner with are companies that have been in busyness for a long time. They have developed a reputable name within the community. They have what we like to call ‘good gossip’ within the community. When people think about these companies, they think reputable and trustworthy. These companies are also highly credited with the Better Business Bureau. They also have high ratings and reviews on Yelp. All of our companies go through a strenuous testing and referral process. We want to make sure that our clients have the best in their industry so that they can receive incredible results from their connections. We don’t want our clients have to worry about character issues or if they are going to be cheated by some company.

After connecting with these businesses, we work with them to give you better pricing. We believe that the more customers we send to these businesses, the better the business can cut prices so that you get a discount on their services. Sometimes we have seen as large of a discount as 50% of prices. Incredible deals! For instance, with Nash Tree Service we saw them cut their prices almost in half as we worked with them to provide quality tree services to the residents in Nashville. In response our clients have written testimony after testimony in gratitude.

If you are looking for better deals and more trustworthy companies to do business with, then check out Sheriff’s Local Business to see how we can better help you.

Sheriff’s Local Business

Sheriff’s Local Business is an all-inclusive business that seeks to bring variety of services to local businesses and residents. First, we focus on helping local businesses thrive through helping them to market their services. We help them think through marketing, social media, web design and SEO.  We also provide access from our local businesses to our clients so that it helps to generate revenue to these local businesses. Second, we focus on helping our clients through connecting them with services that would better help them. Due to this, we like to call ourselves the Local Sheriff as we oversee an all-inclusive business to the local businesses and residents. You can check out some of the ways we help our clients on this YouTube channel here.